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Our team has extensive experience delivering enterprise network solutions for many businesses, organizations, and events
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We deliver a full range of services to hackathons, conferences, and events around the country

Rock. Solid. Wi-Fi.

We deliver high-performance wireless networks for hackathons, conferences, and other events.

Wireless networks come in many flavors -- and we are equipped to deliver solutions for any need -- but our specialty is ultra high density wireless networks, which have requirements far exceeding traditional high density networks:
  • multiple concurrently connected devices per user (3:1, 4:1, or more)
  • continuous utilization, including streaming audio/video and large downloads
  • constant mobility as users move between working areas
  • full occupancy, dense seating maximizes collaboration and efficiency
Lecture halls, stadiums, and other traditional high density networks differ in several ways:
  • one device per person connected to the network on average (1:1)
  • infrequent connections and low utilization (email, Facebook, etc)
  • user mobility is limited
  • full occupancy of available seating is rare

Comprehensive solutions

We provide a wide range of options to meet the needs of each unique event. Our popular full-scope standard event package includes everything you need to enable attendee Internet access, including:
  • high density WiFi access
  • one wired Ethernet jack per attendee
  • 1gbps/10gbps Internet uplink support
  • all necessary equipment (wireless access points, switches, routers, firewalls, cabling, etc)
  • 24x7 on-site support by our team
  • shipping, logistics, setup, and cleanup
We also offer a variety of options to event organizers, including:
  • accelerated setup/cleanup timeframes
  • Ethernet patch cables
  • local servers (games, files, etc)
  • private local networks
  • USB adapters or drives
  • video surveillance cameras
In addition to these options, we are equipped to meet any unique requests a client may have.

Why is specialized equipment required?

While local consumer electronics retailers advertise inexpensive equipment boasting all of the latest acronyms and technologies (802.11ac, MU-MIMO, etc), they are not suitable for reliable, high performance solutions.

Even the best of these can typically handle only 10-20 connected devices at a time and lack load balancing features necessary for high density or continuous utilization scenarios. While seemingly affordable, these devices have a high cost in the long run (failures, replacements, etc).

Even within the enterprise realm, the requirements for ultra high density networks differ significantly from traditional high density scenarios. A variety of variables must be carefully accounted for, including building materials, ceiling heights, and load balancing. Additionally, ultra high density scenarios require more equipment, significantly increasing complexity.
We make high quality affordable financing available for many equipment brands and models

Enterprise equipment.
Consumer prices.

High-end equipment enables top-notch solutions through enhanced features, functionality, and reliability. However, this equipment carries a high cost, often prompting businesses to consider cheaper, lower quality options.

While the use of low-quality equipment can save money initially, it limits functionality and creates higher operational risk and maintenance costs during its lifetime. We strive to provide clients with the best possible solutions and equipment while meeting their budgets.

Flexible terms

In addition to high costs, enterprise equipment vendors rarely lease gear for short timeframes or provide structured payments for small/medium clients.

We specialize in delivering solutions for challenging contexts, and financial challenges are no exception. We provide clients with affordable leasing and purchasing terms to meet their needs, including:
  • low-volume, long-term installation leases
  • short-term leases for events
  • structured payments for outright purchases
We also invite clients to share their unique needs with us so that we can collaboratively develop a solution that meets their needs.

Extensive inventory

We stock a wide array of equipment, including:
  • firewalls
  • high-performance wireless access points
  • long-range directional antennas
  • managed switches
  • multi-link aggregation routers
  • servers
  • uninterruptible power supplies
  • VoIP phones
We also maintain relationships with many vendors and partners, which we can leverage to deliver any other type of equipment needed for a particular project.
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