Drakontas Consulting
Our team has executive, entrepreneurial, tactical, and advisory experience with hundreds of organizations
We understand that each client's organization, history, and context are unique. We do not dictate a specific course of action -- instead, we help clients fully achieve their potential by leveraging their assets and developing new opportunities. Just as a mechanic provides advice to vehicle owners on how to address an unfamiliar noise in their car's engine, we provide assessments and recommendations to organizations facing new challenges.

Variegated lens

We are passionate about identifying the best decisions possible in the context of each client's mission, vision, and audience.

Our diverse perspectives and wide range of expertise helps our clients connect the dots; our experience spans many industries, including:
  • architecture
  • early childhood development
  • entertainment
  • financial reporting
  • government
  • higher education
  • K-12 education
  • information security
  • legal
  • software development
  • telecommunications

Our process

We begin by establishing a comprehensive understanding of each client's unique context in several ways, including:
  • interviewing key stakeholders
  • observing existing processes in action
  • reviewing stated goals and outcomes
Using this initial foundation, we further investigate the client's concerns in detail. Throughout this process, continuous dialogue with stakeholders is key to success.

After completing our assessment, we present our findings and discuss our recommendations with the client

If requested, we can assist in developing and executing a plan to address these findings.

Client benefits

We deliver external perspectives unburdened by institutional memory, organizational relationships, and decision fatigue.

Our recommendations are backed by detailed, evidence-based assessments and include alternate outcomes and contingencies.

We help each client fully understand the context of their concerns, the choices available, and the tradeoffs inherent in the paths ahead.
We help clients chart a course through the storm by streamlining risk management
Organizations regularly face risks to their operations, including executive transitions, line of business pivots, and more. We help organizations assess these challenges and identify options to minimize or mitigate the risks they face, including succession planning, identifying contingencies, and executive searches. We also assist in executing these solutions if needed, including training and facilitating boards, staff, and committees.
We help teams lay strong foundations for future plans while avoiding snares and mitigating challenges
It's easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day challenges of running a business. However, it is important to remain mindful of the future. By outlining its mission, vision, and goals, an organization establishes a strong foundation for the years ahead. We help boards, executives, and operational staff through organizational assessment and strategic planning by moderating discussions, facilitating planning, and sharing our domain expertise.
We help boards maximize their assets, enhance their skills, and grow their engagement
A strong team is hard to find and difficult to maintain. It's important to select each seat on a board the way a director would cast actors in a show -- each person having a part to play. Once a board is gathered, it's crucial to provide comprehensive onboarding, regular professional development, and effective transitions. We help boards develop recruitment strategies and offer training materials, workshops, and transition assistance.
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